Founder and director of the Mariachi Veracruz

Julio Brizuela is a musician who plays several instruments, an artist with many talents.  In 1998, when he arrived in Switzerland, he had a dream to create an authentic group of Mariachis.  Coming from a long line of musicians, he decided to make his own mark in this style of music.  His father was one of the  pioneers of Latin American music in Switzerland with his “Trio Veracruz” which was a huge success in the years 1960-1980.

Julio was born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland to a Swiss mother and a Paraguayan father.   He returned to Paraguay when he was six years old, where he lived for 15 years.  Being passionate about music, he started his career with the classical and folkloric guitar.  Afterwards, he became interested in other instruments such as the charango, the cavaquiño, the requinto, and the mandolin. He has been able to combine several musical trainings and has participated in many festivals and national events, enriching in the way his musical abilities.

Once he had returned to Switzerland, he started playing in hotels, restaurants, and private parties.  His musical passion pushed him to conquer a new horizon: the trumpet, which is one of the symbolic instruments of Mariachis. This undertaking signified the last step in realizing his dream and a new stage in life. In December 2001, Mariachi Veracruz was created, in homage to “Trio Veracruz,” started by his father.

Using what he knew about computer science, he created this Internet site in order to promote the group.  Nevertheless, the management of Mariachi Veracruz is one of his most important accomplishments.